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Saturday 3 Kislev 5777
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Parsha Podcasts
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Parsha Podcasts

Dear Shluchim,
We are very excited to introduce you to our new Hakhel project here at CYH.
'Parsha Podcasts' - The podcasts will be sent out every Thursday and will include a two minute recording for you to listen to with your children. The podcast will be recorded each week by a different Shliach and we have an impressive line up already.
Each week the podcast will end of with a point of discussion for your Hakhel gatherings at your chabad house tables. This is not a regular dvar torah with a horaah at the end of it. We want to help your shabbos tables come alive and engage the children in a discussion.
After Shabbos there will always be a form for your children to fill out to let us know what they discussed and what lessons they found.
We will frequently be raffling off ipod shuffles to those that participate.
Please feel free to share the podcasts. 
Sara and Chanale
Hakhel Challenge!!
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Parsha Podcasts