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Monday 14 Kislev 5781
  Welcome to ב"ה
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הכנה לכינוס השלוחות
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Kinus Hachana

Tuesday יד מרחשון
Build/ create/ draw a 770 today! Email to
Wednesday טו מרחשון
Click here to watch a video of a כינוס with the Rebbe.
Thursday טז מרחשון
Learn the song for kinus! Email us a video of you singing it with חיות to
Friday יז מרחשון
Click here to listen to this week's Parsha Podcast
Shabbos יח מרחשון
Did you make a הקהל gathering? Email us to tell us about it at
Sunday יט מרחשון
Click here to join the Rally in honor of כ חשון with Mendy Jerufi!
Monday כ חשון
Get ready to go! Make sure to take #MivtzoimSelfies! Email us at