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Monday 14 Kislev 5781
  Welcome to ב"ה
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הכנה לכינוס השלוחים
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הכנה לכינוס השלוחות
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Girls Kinus Hachana

Thursday י"א שבט
Build/ create/ draw a 770 today! Email to
Friday י"ב שבט
Click here to listen to this week's Parsha Podcast
Shabbos י"ג שבט
Did you make a הקהל gathering? Email us to tell us about it at
Sunday י"ד שבט
Click here to watch a video of a כינוס with the Rebbe.
Monday ט"ו בשבט
Learn the song for kinus! Email us a video of you singing it with חיות to
Tuesday ט"ז שבט
Click here to join the Rally to kick start the כינוס and meet your head counselors!
Wednesday י''ז שבט
Get ready to go! Make sure to take #MivtzoimSelfies! Email us at