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Monday 14 Kislev 5781
  Welcome to ב"ה
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הכנה לכינוס השלוחים
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הכנה לכינוס השלוחות
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ראש חודש שבט
ה - הוראות Which one of the Rebbes הוראות did you focus on today?
ב שבט
ת - תמונה Make sure you have a picture of the Rebbe in your room. Also do a מצוה today
ג שבט
ק - Listen to the Rebbes; voice today
ד שבט
ש - שרייבן Write a letter to the Rebbe today, also see what you can learn בעל פה we would LOVE to see videos of you learning!
ה שבט
ר - עשה לך רב Make a חשבון נפש today and then speak to someone about what you need to work on! Also listen to the Parsha Podcast!
ו שבט
ו - וידאו Watch a video of the Rebbe tonight!
ז שבט
ת - תורה Learn something from the רבי today. Also we would love to hear your story about your חבד house!
ח שבט
ר - ראלי Watch this beautiful video of the Rebbe at a rally for children!
ט שבט
ב - בית חבד What have you done today to help in your חבד house? Let us know!
י שבט
Join us at the Rally today!